History of Loustari

Crete. A story of centuries. Traditions indelible in time. A living heritage from the Minoan era is the cultivation of the olive tree. Olive oil, a key element of the Mediterranean diet, is the "liquid gold" of Crete generously donated by nature in every corner.

Its great nutritional value and beneficial health properties have been known since Hippocrates, according to which olive oil was a "healing remedy" as it shielded the human body by strengthening the immune system. Prevents cardiovascular disease, regulates cholesterol, it has antithrombotic action and natural antioxidant properties contributing to longevity.

Loustari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our own heritage. It is an extra virgin olive oil produced from our mountain family olive groves located in the villages of Pefki and Oreino Sitia, areas that are famous for the quality of their olive oil. In fact, the name Loustari comes from the homonymous area where one of our olive groves grows. So, in 2013, the third generation of olive growers, following the valuable experience of the older generation, continued tradition and took over the reins of family production. The next year, our taste resulted in the bottling of a fine olive oil of low acidity and rich nutritional value.

The location of the olive groves, the Koroneiki variety of olive trees, with delicate, yet more fresh taste that rises, and the combination of traditional and modern certified cultivation methods, harvesting and crushing of the olives decisively contributed to the quality of our olive oil.

Now, Loustari Extra Virgin Olive Oil from southeastern Crete travels to overseas countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, surpassing any expectation of our ancestors. Our vision is to continue to grow our olive oil from cultivation to bottling to give you an even higher, nutritional and gastronomic quality and taste in our already perfectly sophisticated product for your family table.